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A Festival Meeting with the Living Library (PL)

02.07.2023 - 11:00 - 14:00 / JCC NEW, 5 Izaaka St.

JCC Krakow together with the Polistrefa foundation would like to invite you to the Living Library Kraków! On Sunday, July 2nd, participants will be able to borrow unique “books”! This will be a meeting with diversity, uniqueness, and multiculturalism, so do not miss your chance and save the date! The idea of a Living Library was established in Denmark during the international Roskilde music festival in 2000. Young people connected to the “Stop the Violence” organization, wanting to deal with the subject of respecting human rights, spontaneously organized a “library” in which one could “borrow” a “book”, that is a person from a group which is perceived in a stereotypical way, and to talk to them. The method of the Living Library proved to be a very successful tool in promoting tolerance and diversity. The founders of this method are: Tobias Rosenberg Jørgensen, Sune Bang, Asma Mouna, Dany Abergel, Philip Lipski Einstein, Christoffer Erichsen i Ronni Abergel. The Living Library has been organized by over 70 countries all over the world.

One may borrow a Book for maximum 20 minutes.
Organized by: JCC Krakow, The Diversity Foundation Polistrefa