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Bagel JCC for Children: The Mysteries of Flying Creatures (PL)

28.06.2023 - 10:00 - 12:00 / JCC Krakow, 24 Miodowa St.

During the workshop the participants will be engaged in an educational game thanks to which they will get to know the mysteries of the life of birds, trivia related to these beautiful animals, and, finally, inspired by the colors of Polish birds they will create kites, which are great toys for outdoor summer fun.

Workshop led by Olga Lewińska, Michał Samulak

Space limited to 15 children or families (a parent and a child are counted as one person). First come, first served. Children under 8 years old must participate in this workshop with their parent. Children age 8 and up may participate alone. This event is organized thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland.