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Czarne in Galicia: Miłość to cała moja wina. O kobietach z byłego Związku Radzieckiego

28.06.2023 - 17.00 / Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18, Kraków

Q&A session with the author (PL)
Małgorzata Nocuń, led by: Monika Ochędowska

After the fall of the Soviet Union, one might think that women could have only become victims in the face of the enormous conflicts and violence that ensued. After all, in popular stories in post-Soviet countries it is men who are the strongest. Małgorzata Nocuń, however, decided to take a detailed look at those who were not found in school textbooks and the front pages of popular newspapers: the women living in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In Miłość to cała moja wina. O kobietach z byłego Związku Radzieckiego [Love Is All My Fault. On Women from the Former Soviet Union], she gives voice to the women who survived the Leningrad blockade in 1941 and those who were in Ukraine in February 2022, gulag prisoners and human rights activists, as well as those women who were blinded by ideology and deeply loved the Soviet Union, women soldiers and mothers of soldiers who died at the front, representatives of the feminist movement from large cities, and those who have had nearly all of their rights taken away by men. As a result, the book is a moving and rich portrait of women who experienced unimaginable losses and, most of all, who can survive against all odds.

Partner: Wydawnictwo Czarne