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Czarne in Galicia: Ptaki krzyczą nieustannie

29.06.2023 - 17.00 / Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18, Kraków

Q&A with the authors (PL)
Beata Dżon-Ozimek, Michał Olszewski; led by: Łukasz Wojtusik

Sensitive, educated and attentive, Günther Niethammer has been interested in birds since he was a child. He is rich, loves nature and hunting. Concentrating on his career, he quickly rises to the elite echelons of the German scientific community.

After the Nazis come to power, he does not protest, instead joining the long line of scientists who get along really well with the Nazis. He joins the NSDAP and hopes to serve in the army after the outbreak of war. However, he ends up as a guard in KL Auschwitz. Although he could have been an invaluable witness, he remains totally silent after the war.

How is it possible that a sensitive intellectual did not notice the tragedy happening behind the barbed wire of the camp? What makes it possible to go birdwatching while mass murder is being carried out in the background? Why did he not say a word about it after the war

Beata Dżon-Ozimek and Michał Olszewski explore the biography of Günther Niethammer, and, with him, the Polish prisoners and German scientists, describing the fate of heroes, conformists and criminals. Ptaki krzyczą nieustannie [The Birds Are Always Screaming] is also a historical investigation of science in the service of murderers.

Partner: Wydawnictwo Czarne