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Introducing to Piyut. The tradition of Jewish sacred song (EN/PL)

30.06.2023 - 12:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36

A practical Workshop With singer and Culture activist Yair Harel, musical director of the Piyut Ensemble, founder and artist director of the “Invitation to Piyut” website and the Piyut festival in Jerusalem. 

Piyut is the Hebrew word that refers to the traditions of sacred Hebrew song. This is a tradition of 2000 years that emerged in the land of Israel, rooted in psalms, in the poetry of the biblical prophets, and later ancient Jewish literature, and that has been constantly developing threw Jewish history around the world.

Today, piyutim are recited in a variety of contexts: prayer services, individual prayer, life cycle events, communal celebrations, etc. The body of melodies that accompany piyut texts is incredibly varied and rich, influenced by traditional musics from countries around the world where Jews settled.

Threw the practice of a few piyutim from around the Jewish world , from East and West, we will try to touch the secret of this extraordinary phenomena, moving from a historical and social perspective to the spiritual dimension, the personal and communal longing to be in contact with the divine threw words, music and the human voice. 


Free admission cards available at; limited number of participants (25 persons);