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Jewish cuisine of Levant countries and of the Eastern part of the Mediterranean | Ha-Carmel Market (PL/EN)

29.06.2023 - 14:00 - 18:00 / Institute of Art and Design, Pedagogical University, ul. Podbrzezie 3

Let me take the workshop participants on a trip to the eastern part of the Mediterranean. We will visit vegetable markets, say what spices go well with what, talk a bit about the tradition of Jewish cooking in this part of the world, and each day of the workshop promises to be an adventure with a completely different smell and taste.


Mankish – breads with green or red zathar or with labne, are present in numerous Levant cuisines. They all taste great. We will make a version with zathar.

Ful – in the classic version straight from Egypt, in Israel it may be ordered mainly at breakfast time with a bit of sour lemon sauce and pickles, but this broad bean paste also works great as a meze.

Sofrito – chicken stewed in turmeric with potatoes has a deep flavour additionally enhanced with fresh bay leaf. Although sofrito is made with various meats, the version with chicken is an absolute classic.

Kaykittarm – dates from Jericho were famous in the antiquity. No wonder that they became the basis of a delicious cake that tastes great as an afternoon snack.



Bartek Kieżun – writer, food journalist, traveller and photographer.  A cultural anthropologist by education, a cook by passion. Keen on books, not just cookbooks. He cooks and feeds, runs cooking workshops, organizes unique tasting dinners and is member of juries in cooking competitions. He cooperates with Monument Interpretation Centre and Collegium Civitas. Two-time winner of the Magellan Award for culinary guides: Italia do zjedzenia and Portugalia do zjedzenia. Winner of the prestigious World Gourmand Cookbook Awards.


Workshop will last approx. 4 hours and will conclude with common meal. Tickets to 1 workshop (250 PLN) and passes to four workshops (850 PLN) available at Limited number of participants (12 persons).