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Jewish Ghetto in Podgórze (UA)

01.07.2023 - 15:00 / starting point: Muzeum Apteka pod Orłem, plac Bohaterów Getta 18

In March 1941, the life of Kraków’s Jews changed forever – they had to leave their homes and move to the newly created ghetto. The ghetto was located in Podgórze district and was separated from the rest of Kraków by the river Wisła, Lasota Hill and the wall. It took up an area with 15 streets, and 320 houses.

On our walking tour, we will see the where the key organizations and institutions of the ghetto were housed and we will learn about the life of its inhabitants. We will go to Plac Bohaterów Getta (which means the Ghetto Heroes’ Square] with its monument in the form of 70 chairs.

We will learn the story of the “Pharmacy under the Eagle”, where the cultural elite of the ghetto met and where intellectual discussions took place to the accompaniment of the Rosner Players quartet. The owner of the pharmacy, Tadeusz Pankiewicz, was the only Pole who lived in the ghetto and described the events that took place there day after day.

The Kraków ghetto ceased to exist in March 1943. The memory of its inhabitants is still alive today.


Free admission cards available at, limited number of participants (30 persons)