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02.07.2023 - 17:00 / ul. Sebastiana 32

Curatorial talks

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, curators of “Lehavdíl” Lianne Mol and Yael Sherill share how the project came into being.



It is after sunset. Three stars have appeared in the sky. A transition takes place. The time devoted to resting is slipping away, the time of the week about to begin. This is a moment of in-between-ness.

In Judaism, the ritual that marks this moment is Havdalah. It reflects the act of differentiation between the profane and the holy, the everyday and the transcendental. As so many rituals, it is performed according to a sequence of prescribed rules and instructions. Only when they have been carried out, is the transition considered complete. But what if we lingered in that liminality?

“Lehavdíl” (להבדיל), which means “to distinguish” or “to separate”, explores Havdalah as a generative act that opens up a transitory space for experience. Between June 28th and July 2nd, three international artists reinterpret the ritual through a series of performative, multi-sensory, intimate, affective and tactile art projects.

curators: Lianne Mol & Yael Sherill, Curatorial Collective for Public Art

The Curatorial Collective for Public Art (CCPA) is an independent agency for the conceptualisation, production, mediation and representation of public art based in Berlin, Germany. It develops curatorial formats for site-specific, transdisciplinary, critical and urban art. CCPA understand the “public” in the term public art as the medium and material of its practice. As an initiative without a fixed space, it often works in the urban space; however, its practice extends into the public sphere, as well as the public in the sense of audience. Due its nomadic character, the collective is not tied to an exhibition space, and continues to conceptualise context-specific formats for its projects, which elude the traditional understanding of curating. After “Kumzits” in 2021 and “Maiseh” in 2022, which were created in collaboration with Jerusalem-based art organisation HaMiffal, “Lehavdíl” is the third project that CCPA is involved in curating for the Jewish Culture Festival.