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Piyut Ensemble: Songs of Love and Devotion

29.06.2023 - 19:00 / Museum of Engineering and Technology, ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15 | Live:

“When we first set off on our journey, we had never imagined that we would become a small community with an expressive style of our own in the vast world of the ״Piyut״ (Sacred poetry), working our way along the borderline between our memories and search for identity to create a local Jewish – Israeli sound. 

The ensemble was established in 2006 and it is directed by one of the greatest North African Paytanim (liturgical poet-singers) of this generation – Rabbi Haim Louk. The encounter with the gems of North African poetry and music, opened before us an inspiring horizon beyond any imaginable boundary, generation, and social definitions. Gradually, the Piyut Ensemble began to develop our own unique and multi-layered musical language.  

It is a music of the past but also of today. It is a part of Jerusalem and the Diaspora. 

The Ensemble was recognized by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which lead to the release of their debut album “Arba Otiyot” (Four Letters), distributed by the label “Nana Disc” in 2015”. 

The Piyut Ensemble performs on an everyday basis giving also unique collaborative performances at leading international and local music festivals and bringing a new sound which is both deeply rooted in tradition and surprisingly contemporary. 

Vocals and Clapping: Yosef Abehsira, Eliyahou Edrei, Yehuda Edrei, Hertzel Amouyal, Shlomi Ben-Lulu, Raphaël Bensoussan, Yair Harel, Netanel Zaguri, Avraham Cohen, Simon Cohen, Neriyah Moyal, Halleluya Abehsira

Musicians: Oud, Gymbree, Vocals – Niro Abeksis, Electric guitar – Eliyahu Dagmi, Ney – Hanani Zait, Percussion- David Dagmi, Hillel Amsalem, Yael Offenbach.

Artistic and Musical Director – Yair Harel, Artistic and General director – Avraham Cohen, Management and booking – Yael Offenbach.

Tickets (N: 120 / U: 80 PLN) available at and one hour before the concert at the entrance to the venue.

Piyut Esemble - Photo by Michal Ramus
Piyut Esemble - Photo by Michal Ramus
Piyut Esemble - Photo by Michal Ramus
Piyut Esemble - Photo by Amir Bilu