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The Hebrews: Mori – Shabazi`s riddle (HE/EN)

30.06.2023 - 16:00 / High synagogue (underground), ul. Józefa 38

Only four biographical details are known about Rabbi Shalom Shabazy and there are no drawings or descriptions of his physical features. Yet, over 400 years after his birth, Shabazy is still an extremely popular poet who keeps “living” in an entire community’s collective soul – the Jews of Yemen. Who was Shabazy? A poet who committed filicide? A wedding singer looking for handouts? Perhaps a fundamentalist Kabbalah scholar?

Director: Israela Sha’ar Me’oded. Producer: Yair Qedar. Script: Israela Sha’ar Me’oded. Cinematography: Daniel Kedem. Editor: Oron Adar. Supporters: KAN, New Fund for Film and TV, Israel Film Service, the Avi Chai and Gesher Foundations.Special mention, Haifa Film Festival 2018.

ISRAEL | 2018 | 55 minutes. Hebrew and Arabic. Subtitles: Hebrew, English.

Free admission