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The Hebrews: The Raven – Vladimir Ze`ev Jabotinsky (HE/EN)

29.06.2023 - 16:00 / High synagogue (underground), ul. Józefa 38

Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky? Most people know Jabotinsky was a charismatic leader of the Revisionists, the founder of the Betar Movement and the Herut Party (the predecessor of today’s Likud Party). Very few people know that he was a prolific writer (in Russian and Hebrew), translated Edgar Allan Poe’s poems in to Hebrew, includingAnnabel LeeandThe Raven.“The Raven” tries to explicate Jabotinsky’s deceptive character, revealing his conflicted personality, and the powerful desires and remarkable abilities that led him, despite an untimely death, to leave an indelible mark on Zionism and Israel. 

Director: Ayelet Ofarim. Producer: Yair Qedar. Cinematographer: Tulik Gal’on. Editor: Miki Kohn. Music: Karni Postel, Eran Tzur. Script: Ayelet Ofarim. Soundtrack Editor: Aviv Aldema. Supporters: The New Fund for Cinema and Television, Channel 1 – Israel Broadcasting Authority, the Avi Chai Foundation, the Israel Film Service.|

ISRAEL 2015. 55 minutes. Hebrew. Subtitles: Hebrew, English.

Free admission