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What’s in the Air in Tel Aviv? A Conversation on Matters of Greater and Smaller Importance

01.07.2023 - 14.00 / Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18, Kraków

Łukasz Sroka, Karolina Przewrocka-Aderet, led by: Jakub Katulski

Tel Aviv can be portrayed in many ways. It can be a poster city of Zionism showing how to build a country and modern metropolis from scratch. It can be a tourist attraction for lovers of street food, sunny beaches, nightlife and Bauhaus architecture. Some will argue that Tel Aviv is a liberal bubble, even a separate state, removed from the problems facing the average Israeli, while others will say that it is the political heart of the country, giving it its rhythm. It also has its dark sides, both historically as the city that absorbed ancient Jaffa, and contemporarily in terms of its refugee populations and rising real estate prices. This, of course, is not a complete list, as numerous images and perceptions of the city continue to capture the attention of researchers and careful observers seeking to understand it.

Karolina Przewrocka-Aderet, a journalist who lives in the city, and Łukasz Tomasz Sroka, a scholar who researches the history of Zionism, Israel and Tel Aviv, will discuss all of this.