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02.07.2023 - 13:00 / plac Bohaterów Getta

The Hebrew word “Zachor” means “Remember”.

In the Bible, the verb “zachor” appears in all forms more than 160 times.

Today everybody talks about “remembrance” … yet what does in mean in fact? For the majority, the “Jewish remembrance” is just the tragic past. Death. Extermination. And a new cult – the cult of the dead Jews.

We proclaim different remembrance: we worship the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and we worship the memory of the Jews murdered in Krakow, all over Poland and worldwide. Yet, contrary to the “occasional” remembrance or “museum” remembrance, we show through the respect for all the LIVING Jews – both in the Diaspora and in Israel.

Please come to Plac Zgody (Plac Bohaterów Getta – the Ghetto Heroes Square), so that in the last day of the Festival we could pay homage to our Jewish sisters and brothers who were murdered. After a prayer and songs, we will leave the place tainted with death and, walking through the Most Powstańców Śląskich (Silesian Insurgents Bridge], we will return to Kazimierz, to our Festival Tent, our Tabernacle – the symbol of Jewish life. Because Zachor/Remembrance means to Chaim/Life.

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Fot. Edyta Dufaj