Michael Winograd – clarinet / Brian Drye – trombone / Will Holshouser – accordion / Shoko Nagai – piano / Zoe Guigueno – bass / David Licht – drums / special guest: Socalled

Clarinetist Michael Winograd is delighted to return to Krakow along with his band, the Honorable Mentshn.  They last performed at the Jewish Culture Festival in 2019, and since then have spent a lot of time at home, waiting around.  But finally, they are back on the road playing music from their fresh new record “Early Bird Special.”  Following their previous release “Kosher Style,”  the new album continues where the last one left off, dazzling klezmer audiences near and far.  Time travelers of sorts, the Honorable Mentshn make music that glides between the past and present, equally at home in 1950s wedding halls, and 2020s night clubs. And while no strangers to schtick and nostalgia, fear not… the Mentshn play with virtuosic fervor.  “Winograd is one of the most inspired klezmer musicians of his generation. His current band is the best thing going at the moment.  The level of Winograd’s cadre of musicians is kind of astronomical”. (Dr. Hankus Netsky, Jerusalem Post, Feb. 2023.)

Brooklyn based clarinetist Michael Winograd is recognized as one of today’s stand-out voices in contemporary and traditional Yiddish  music.  He has traveled the world as a performer of klezmer, and is equally regarded as a composer, teacher, and producer of this music as well.  He has performed and recorded with many of today’s top artists in Jewish music and was a featured soloist on Vulfpeck’s 2016 LP “The Beautiful Game.”  He subsequently joined them for a 2019 sold out concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  2022 was a busy year for Michael.  He co-produced a full length program and album of discovered music from the Yiddish Cabarets of Helsinki, along with Klezmatics vocalist Lorin Sklamberg. Earlier in the year he composed music for HBO’s “And Just Like That,” and he premiered Yiddishe Pirat, a new Klezmer super group with Socalled and Vulfpeck’s Jack Stratton.

The Honorable Mentshn are thrilled to be joined by Socalled.  Socalled (aka Josh Dolgin,) is a Montreal based rapper,  record producer,  magician, photographer,  playwright,  filmmaker,  keyboardist,  puppeteer and a beloved singer and performer of Yiddish songs.  He was the recipient of the Adrienne Cooper Dreaming in Yiddish award.  He produced five musicals, dozens of records and even a few cook books.