Petra Nachtmanova (vocal), Çınar Timur (guitar), Wojciech Długosz (keyboard), Antonis Skolias (drums), Tomasz Jurecki (bas), Grzegorz Dąbek (dub, fx)

Turkish music is an inseparable part of the musical spectrum of Israeli culture. Together with Greek music, it dominated Tel Aviv and Jaffa's nightlife in the 1970's and was played on the same stages. In their special project made in Kazimierz, MLDVA returns to this time and place with guest appearance of Petra Nachtmanova, a vocalist and instrumentalist who sings fluently in many languages and is an expert and enthusiast of Turkish music. Together, they will perform a repertoire reminiscent of the sound of Jaffa in 1978, the local label called Koliphone and the progressive mizrach-style by Grazia Peretz.