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Małopolska Region is proud of the 32nd Jewish Culture Festival

For many years now, the Jewish Culture Festival has been promoting the region of Małopolska – with this year being no exception. The JCF has been invited to a new project,  “Małopolska Showpieces”, together with other events which promote the region and strengthen the sense of the local identity among its residents, building a strong brand of  “Małopolska.”

All these events will show the cultural abundance of the Małopolska region with its diversity and respect for tradition which they forge into a modern stye of life.

The Jewish Culture Festival shows the Jewish culture which for many years had a great influence on the life in our region. It was here that the great Hassidic dynasties came into being and the Jewish reformers were active – together with their Polish neighbors, they were building what we call now our Małopolska  cultural heritage.

As a Małopolska showpiece, the JCF not only promotes the region in Poland and abroad, but also continues its multicultural tradition which had become one of the factors which make Małopolska stand out among other regions in our country.

Dear All!

Małopolska is the place where tradition is linked with modernity. This place is characterized with rich culture, openness, hospitality and immense energy, making us  appreciate the great potential of our region. We believe that coherent and creative promotion actions make up today the key to build the awareness of Małopolska as the place always ready to offer what’s most valuable in the region among the residents of the region, tourists and our partners.

Therefore, I am happy that the Jewish Culture Festival has become a part of our project called “Brands of the region” with an objective to strengthen the sense of regional identity among the residents and to build a strong brand of Małopolska by means of the presence of the image of the region as the partner of the largest and most recognizable events.

The Jewish Culture Festival, strongly rooted in the centuries-long history of Małopolska, has grown from a local event presenting the culture of the Jews from Galicia into not only the most recognizable festival associated with Krakow, but also the largest renowned festival of Jewish culture attracting to thousands of visitors from Poland and abroad to  Krakow’s Kazimierz.

I wish you a lot of valuable experience during the 32nd Jewish Culture Festival and a good enjoyment during the concert, “Shalom at Szeroka” which returns this year after the break.

Come and visit  the capital of Małopolska !

Witold Kozłowski
Marshall of the Małopolska Region