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Tal and Jules – our long-term volunteers

Please meet Tal Dahari and Jules Cossenet – our first two long-term volunteers from Israel and France!

The Machers is an international and transgenerational group of great people, who help us to share a beauty of Jewish culture with you. During the festival you see them much more often than you see us – they are always in the center of action, helping you, helping the artists and – of course – helping us!

This year, thanks to the grant we received from the European Solidarity Corps program, we have the opportunity to involve volunteers even more in our daily work during the year. For the first time ever, we have invited two volunteers – Tal from Israel and Jules from France, who will work with our team in the JCF office for the next 6 months!

It will be, first of all, a great pleasure for all of us but also a very great opportunity to learn from each other, create new projects together and, above all, to co-organize this year’s 32nd Jewish Culture Festival.

What expectations and hopes they brought with them to Krakow?

JulesCuriosity and my wish for volunteering experience led me to the Jewish Culture Festival, sharing moments, ideas, learn about other traditions, way of life. Through the festival I hope to learn about Jewish culture. I really believe that those initiatives are the one that bring us together and spread the good “vibes”.

TalIn a mysterious way, my love for music and culture connects me to my roots. For me, the Jewish Culture Festival is the best way to explain and express what Judaism is all about and how important it is to perpetuate and remember the past for the sake of the future.

We are happy to welcome Jules and Tal in our festival family and we promise to do our best to make this voluntary service at the festival a meaningful milestone in their personal development.