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Thank you for yet another Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow!

Earth, fire, water and air – these four elements have been ruling the Jewish Culture Festival for the last 5 years. This past Sunday, when the 32nd JCF ended, this series of elements was completed. What will be the leading theme of the editions to come? We will let you know soon. Stay tuned!

We would like to express our gratitude for having confidence in us and for coming to the Festival’s Kazimierz. Although we know that we had a few slight slip-ups on the way – and we apologize very much for them – we still hope that the 32nd JCF met your expectations leaving only good memories behind.

We would like to thank you – our Festival audience – without whom our entire work would not make any sense. This is for you that we work for whole year – so that you could have the real Jewish culture celebration for these festival days.

Each festival is a large machine, involving hundreds of people: to begin with artists, instructors, through translators, interpreters, media, technicians, diverse service providers and to end with volunteers and benefactors. The Festival office is like a lens focusing those people and actions. None of these elements can be missing. The success of the Jewish Culture Festival is also the success of the hundreds of these people, involved in various aspects of preparation and execution of the JCF.

We would like to thank you all for your presence, support, assistance and trust. See you in a year!

Janusz Makuch, Edyta Gawlak, Robert Gądek, Ula Nowak, Michalina Pieczonka, Katarzyna Wydra, Justyna Mitianiec, Jules Cossenet, Tal Dahari, Maria Bobrowska, Klaudia Czaja, Monika Dyrlaga, Patrycja Marszałek, Elżbieta Woch-Stopa