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Jewish Quarter Pipe. Kosher Pop Sk8 Art by Steve Marcus

30.06.2023 - 17.30 / Galicia Jewish Museum, 18 Dajwór St., Kraków

Exhibition opening (EN / PL)
Steve Marcus

Using skateboard decks as canvases, New York City artist Steve Marcus’ newest exhibition explores the themes of tradition, spirituality and local Jewish history. His unique style, inspired by cartoons and underground comics, is a fun and refreshingly accessible approach to contemporary Jewish art that is masterfully showcased on 40 whimsical and thought-provoking skateboard decks. Marcus has also created ritual objects using skateboard parts and xerography-inspired skateboard culture posters in a fabulous exhibit that can be enjoyed and appreciated by viewers of all ages.

NYC artist, Steve Marcus (aka smarcus) has received honors and awards from the American Society of Illustrators, has several works in the permanent collection of the Oakland Museum of California, the Jewish Museum of Florida–FIU, the American History Collection at the Harvard Library, the Yiddish Book Center, the Miami-Dade PLS, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and private art collections in the United States and abroad. He has collaborated with Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, the New Orleans Jazz Museum and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and created artwork and illustrations for the New York Times, High Times Magazine and the infamous Cannabis Cup, the United Nations, MTV, Tattoo International, the Source, Esquire and posters for the world-famous Fillmore in San Francisco. He has exhibited numerous times at Art Basel in Miami, Florida, the Museum at Eldridge Street in NYC, the Maine Jewish Museum and the Bernard Heller Museum in NYC as well as other prestigious institutions and art galleries. You can learn more about Steve Marcus and the art he creates from his Lower East Side studio in Manhattan at and you can follow him on Instagram @smarcusart